Credit Card Processing

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Title Town Advisers

Payment Service Provider

Is your business looking to accept credit cards from your customers? Title Town Advisers is happy to help you with setting up your online credit card payment solutions, credit card terminals, and handling all of your payment solution needs. Accepting credit cards shouldn’t be difficult for an e-commerce, brick and mortar, or any kind of business. We make credit card processing easy for business start ups, existing businesses, and large multi-location businesses.

Being a flexible payment solution provider, Title Town Advisers, has the ability to integrate with new software, pre-exisitng software, and create a third party terminal so you can use your current software provider. Our payment service branch solely focuses on payment integration, hardware, software, and payment development needs. Having the flexiblity to be unique and work with other Independant Sale Operator (“ISO”) gives us the ability to service merchants and other payment providers through our network and services.

Don't deal with the normal cookie cutter payment processors!

Are you a newly developed business?

Do you have hardware?

Do you have software?

Credit Card Terminals

A credit card terminal or a point of sale (“POS”) is a device that interfaces with a payment card to make a electonic transfer of funds. Title Town Advisers has multiple options for payment gateway such as wireless, contactless (tap to pay), chip readers, and adaptors for mobile or tablet devices. The payment gateway allows the merchant to accept credit cards, debt cards, and ACH payments. In additon, it allows the merchant to create reoccuring billing to its clients.

If you are looking to update your credit card terminals, add more to your expanding stores, or if you are starting your business we can assist you and provide the proper machines needed. A one stop shop for credit card processing. Title Town Advisers can assist you with your software and point of sale.

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Secure Credit Card Processing Technology

Grow your business cash flow by providing more forms of secure payment acceptance with the latest technology. Do not let outdated payment solutions slow your business down.

Online Payment Acceptance

Implement recurring and one-time payment acceptance on a hosted payment page. Send invoice links or add a donation page. 

Mobile & Contactless Credit Card Readers

Businesses can now safely accept the newest, easiest, and fastest forms of payment at their brick and mortar or on the go. 

E-Commerce Payments

Expanding your business to a digital platform has never been easier, now your customers can just point and click. 

ACH & Check Processing

Go beyong plastic and accept physical checks or ACH online and by the phone. 

Merchant Marketplace

Solve your problems with our partner solutions that help your business succeed. 

How Much Do You Charge

Title Town Advisers, LLC. is an affordable payment processing provider that maximizes its merchants profitability. Our price structure depends on the merchant, risk, software, and industry, but the goal is to increase the merchant’s business bottom line. Therefore, we price based on the unique needs of each individual business.

Can You Integrate With My Current Setup?

Most likely! 

Our company is technology agnostic, which we have integrations to many industry-standard software and hardware packages. In addition, we have technicians and software engineers that would be happy to find the resolution for your payment processing goals. 

When Will I Receive Funds In My Account?

Title Town Advisers offers next business-day funding. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help. If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please contact us so one of our team members can better assist you.

Why Title Town Advisers?

U.S. Based Support

We pride ourselves on customer service. When our merchant’s need help, we are are here 24/7 with in-house staff. Our Merchant’s business is to important to use third-party support. You can count on us to always provide assistance. 

Risk Monitoring & Fraud Protection

We offer and provide risk management solutions and tools combined with strategic services to protect you business from fraud. We offer chargeback assistance for our merchants.

Competitive Rates & Fee Structure

Why pay more for less? We offer highly competitive rates for every service we offer. Our fee structure is designed with merchant profitability as our top priority. 

Gift & Loyalty Card Programs

Increase customer retention with our gift and loyalty card program. Our solution gives your business the abiltiy to reward your most loyal customers while incentivizing new ones. 

Integration & Custom Solutions

Our software engineers can create custom solutions for our merchants. Looking to integrate with your custom software? We can help. 

Simplified Boarding

Our in-house underwriting department and easy application process allows your business to begin processing payments quickly, with no interruption to your business. 

Keep up with the ever evolving payment processing industry